The Knit Jersey | Ink

R 3,490


  • 80% Merino wool, 20% Kid Mohair
  • A chunky knit sweater made from locally sourced wool, and knitted in Cape Town
  • Foldover high neckline
  • True black is one of the most difficult colours to achieve from a natural pigment, so please bare in mind that this item has not been botanically dyed.


Merino Wool and Kid Mohair are beautiful yarns but need to be cleaned and cared for very carefully. Please be sure to follow all wash care instructions below.

  • As a jersey is usually worn over other garments, it shouldn't need to be washed very often. The best way to regularly refresh your jersey is to just leave it out to air-dry, but rather lay it flat as hanging it up on a clothes hanger may tend to stretch out the knit.
  • Should you need to hand-wash your jersey, fill a basin with tepid water and a dash of mild detergent that's recommended for washing wool. Soak your jersey in the water and agitate by hand very carefully, dislodging dirt particles. Rinse your jersey in clean, cool water, being sure to rinse out all the detergent. Squeeze your jersey gently together in a ball to remove excess water (do not ring). Lay it flat to air dry on top of a dry towel and out of direct sunlight (wool does take a while to dry, so if drying inside, make sure it is in a well ventilated room). Do not tumble dry.
  • Your jersey can be cleaned by a reputable dry cleaner that has special cleaning products which aren't harmful to wool and mohair fibres.
  • The chunky knit wool we sourced locally is very fibrous which gives it a soft, warm and fluffy feel. Should any areas be exposed to lots of rubbing and movement, the fibres may start pulling together and form small balls. These are extremely easy to remove and can just be cut off carefully using a pair of scissors.


Please note that the measurements below are of the actual garment and not according to any bodily measurements. 

One size fits most



Width of jersey

Length from shoulder to hem

Sleeve length from neck to sleeve hem

One size

6 - 14


58cm 55cm

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