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The process of naturally dyeing our items using only botanical dyes and natural plant extracts is incredibly hands on and slow by nature. This is a process that can't be rushed, and with little to no machinery being used to assist the process, only a certain amount of fabric can be naturally dyed at one time. The fibres need to go through several stages of prep to get it ready to accept the natural dye, the dye bath needs to be created by leaching colour from the plants (much like steeping tea), and everything needs to be laundered prior to going into the pot. The act of physically dyeing the fabric is a very small step of the overall process and sometimes the dye doesn't go according to plan, therefore will take a few more days to get the colour just right. The items are then rinsed, dried, washed, dried again, and ironed - before either being stitched in to a finished product, or getting photographed and packaged.

With this being said, we need time to spend on each and every naturally dyed item, slowing down and appreciating the overall process.

The plant material we forage or get locally is also seasonal, and therefore several of our naturally dyed colours will only be achieved at certain times of the year. Over the past few months we have been lucky enough to experiment with many new colours nature has to offer, in hope of broadening our offering and deepening my understanding of this incredible ancient practice.

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Earth to Earth

Using only what nature gives to us, we encourage a shift towards responsible production and consumption.

We believe in a gentle and kind way of working with colour in harmony with the natural systems of the world, extracting colour from locally foraged plants to add colour to our products.

Making use of natural fibres, our products are fully biodegradable and can safely be given back to the earth at the end of their useful life cycle.