House&Garden | Inside the studio

The wonderful team at House&Garden paid us a visit last year. We spoke about all things 'natural dye' and exactly just what we get up to in our Woodstock studio.

Thank you to all of those involved in making this feature come to life. It's an absolute honour to have been considered for your pages.

The full print article can be found in the October 2021 issue of House&Garden South Africa, or the digital version on their website.

"When a lifelong love of textiles led to an early career in the fashion industry, Genna Shrosbree found herself thinking about unconventional ways to colour fabrics, and later developing a fascination with ancient methods of extracting pigment from plants.

Letting her mind wander was one thing, but when an opportunity to learn more presented itself at a market in Stanford she jumped at it, becoming the student of a botanical dye guru who had been using these practices on homespun wool for years. What followed was a considerable amount of experimentation with various methods and materials. Using fallen plant matter, Genna plans her work based on what's available from nature, using what's available to be transformed in her hands into their new guise of artfully dyed garments."