Mungo ft. Beagle + Basset


I came to meet the Mungo team whilst on a work trip to Plettenberg Bay late last year. I had the privilege of being taken on a guided tour around their magical mill and gained such inspiration from everything that is this unbelievable local brand. 

A couple weeks later, we started sampling several Mungo cotton hand towels, as well as a few meters of their raw linen. From fynbos yellow and greens, black wattle blush and grey, to Hopi Black sunflower seed purple, we dyed up as many colour samples as we could to see which would best suit the fabrics. It was such a wonderful time to play, experiment with new colours, and work with various self-milled fabrics.

The Mungo team have such a deep appreciation and understanding for the work that goes in to botanical dyeing, and so after a few months of conversation and sampling, we decided to develop a smaller range of items, which lead to the idea of naturally dyeing their organic cotton baby blankets. 

Using organic cotton and linen yarn which they source form the very best growers around the world, Mungo creates textiles beyond the norm. Each towel, throw, pillow case or garment is made from their own milled fabrics which is manufactured in the Western Cape. 

The organic cotton took the natural pigment beautifully and we were able to alter the colours in order to produce different tones. We produced a limited range of 100 baby blankets, dyed up in 5 colourways, and can be purchased through Mungo Design and ourselves, online and in store. 

If you would like to have a read through our Q&A with Mungo, click HERE.