R 1,995

Every unique tone, colour and subtlety of the dye has a story, as do the ink markings.

The colours have been extracted from plant matter and the graphics painted in nature, celebrating time and process, and honouring the abundance of nature that is all around us. Plants form, they bud, they bloom, they decay and then return to the earth. The scarf is a gentle reminder of these cycles in life - a meditation in a fleeting moment.

The organic colour and tonality on the day you purchased this piece will change over time when exposed to certain elements. Just like life. It’s a wonderful lesson in greeting each new moment with gratitude and learning to accept change.

  • 100x100cm
  • Organically certified silk
  • Hand dyed with Madder root
  • Hand painted with iron water and Indian ink


  • Hand washing is recommended, only when completely necessary
  • Natural, pH neutral detergent
  • Do not hang to dry in direct sunlight
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Cool iron

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